DEVELOPING THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE   

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The Window of Optimizing Opportunities

The approach we take is unique in creating the self-development skills and training for solutions that follow a high collaborative process. We work closely with our clients to measure their greatness. 

The window displays greatness beyond our reach, take away the window and our ability to aim high is limitless. That's right aim for the moon because if you miss, you'll land among the stars. 

"Join the journey beyond" 
"The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members or workers better"
Coach Tony Dungy
What Will I Learn?
Coachingbeyond is about creating conventional approaches to those looking to gain leverage in leadership, marriage or spirituality. We focus on delivering the desired results for each client. Coachingbeyond believes time-starved individuals need new approach to better equip them to meet today's
9-5 challenge or today's 24x7 global challenge.  

Coachingbeyond will guide you all the way toward finding your "WANTS" and "NEEDS" to change your life. 

Learn to analyze and investigate your life.

Produce sharper, concise reading values, writing goals out.

Empowering yourself for a brighter tomorrow.

Effortlessly present yourself in front of a camera with confidence.

Intense focus on behavioral requirement

Integrating learning habits into natural work and life processes 

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  ​​​Overcoming struggle and moving from ordinary to extraordinary 

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'"  
-  Martin Luther King, Jr

Research and experience have shown that we have areas in our life that keep us from moving forward. In fact, they push us backward and prevent us from making the change. I want to help you capitalize on those moments and achieve your goals.   


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                  ​​MENTORING STUDENTS                                                               COACHING ADULTS 

Coachingbeyond is dedicated to assisting students to create the best environment need to succeed in school. The Coach helps find the bridge between ordinary and extraordinary. He encourages students to aim high and to achieve more as students of life. As a former college dropout. Now inventor, author, husband, father, and social media networker. Succeeding in areas helps to achieve success. Coachingbeyond brings a unique and evolving approach to student engagement. Coach teach them how to overcome certain situations and encourage them to be grateful for these moments. Coach has 21 years working with different age students. 

Coachingbeyond is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of leadership, self-satisfaction, goal-orientation, and competition. Coach is determined to assist adults in reaching extraordinary levels of excellence with each breath of air. Coaches effort and energy is about teaching you how to create the best person you want for yourself. Coach Frank Sagasta has 18 years of strong experience in marriage development, team building development, spiritual development, and leadership development. He also brings an array of different perspectives in business and life. 

  "Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders" 





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